Horizons-April 2014

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The April Edition of the Breakfast Club Rendezvous was organized at Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture, Pune on 11th April 2014. Focus of the session was on benefits of installation of onsite solar power plant.  The aim was to create awareness on how industrial and commercial consumers can benefit from solar energy. The event was organized by Agneya under the aegis of MCCIA. The summary of discussion is given below;

Tariffs for industrial and commercial consumers in India have been increasing in past few years and this trend is expected to continue in the future due to demand supply mismatch.

Basic electricity tariff for Industrial Consumers in Various States

Supply demand gap is further intensified due to technical and commercial losses in the distribution system. Commercial and Industrial consumers are charged subsidy over cost of supply to provide subsidized electricity to the residential consumers.


Availability of Solar Resource in the country;

India is blessed with one of the highest solar resource in the World. On an average 4-7 kWh energy is incident per Sq. m. An average of 250-300 sunny days are available when solar power plant can generate power close to its maximum efficiency.

Due to rapidly increasing tariffs, Solar Power has become a viable alternative to replace daytime consumption. Vacant land or rooftop in the consumers’ premises can be used to install solar power plants. The system can be synchronised with the internal grid and backup diesel generator. A typical solar power plant lasts more than 20 years and provides substantial cost saving over its lifetime.

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