Horizons-February 2014

Posted on March 25, 2014 by

Drivers of Solar EnergyIndia now has sufficient experience with  Solar PV for Governments as well as large Consumers to accept that it is cost  competitive with grid power. Consumers  are gradually accepting the possibility of  regular rise in electricity tariffs. Solar  power provides a good source of electricity  with zero risk of input / raw material  availability.  The recently notified Companies Act  provides further support to renewable energy by emphasizing environmental sustainability as a key area of CSR.  Solar power therefore addresses CSR  goals along with mitigating energy risks for  large consumers.

Solar helps on Cost as well as Compliance. Solar power provides multiple benefits to consumers. It  provides assured energy without the risk of raw material  inflation for the long term. It is a useful source of energy  for consumers looking for cost savings. At the same time, solar power addresses External as well as Internal  Compliance requirements in the area of Environment  Sustainability.

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