Horizons- December 2013

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2013 – A year of Significant Progress for Alternative Energy

Advanced solar cellsThe year gone by saw significant progress in the areas of RE and advanced energy. Progress was not just about laboratory successes but also about financing and commercialization. These technologies are moving beyond dependence on Government support – many of them are commercially viable long term investments. In this issue, we report on the ten most noteworthy developments of the past
year in this field.

2013 was without doubt the year of Solar PV. Five countries (Germany, USA, Japan, China and Italy) have now crossed the 10 GW mark. Growing maturity in the solar market is supporting a strong consumer drive.

Modern mono-crystalline solar cells have been limited by physical properties of silicon as well as practical considerations
such as reflection of light off cells and light blockage by wires. A partnership between NREL and TetraSun has nevertheless been able to come up with efficiencies up to 21% along with cost reduction by using copper to replace silver in cells.

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