Horizons- November 2013

Posted on December 12, 2013 by

It is easy to appreciate the benefits of solar power conceptually. Sunshine is unlimited and free. Power from the sun is clean and reasonably predictable. Costs are now affordable and it makes great business sense to invest in on-site solar. However, there are a number of steps from concept to commissioning – how diligently these steps are taken decides the ultimate success of the solar power plant. Solar power is a long term investment and requires good operation and maintenance practices. Good design, vendor selection and maintenance together promise attractive return on investments.

Solar energy benefits


Acceptance of Solar power is growing on the basis of experience gained from large number of solar power plants installed world-wide. Even countries like the USA that have large resources of conventional fuels like gas are enthusiastically adopting solar power. India has all the reasons to maximize the abundant sunshine it receives. On-site solar power offers the fastest way of catching up.

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