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Solar Energy – The Case for Small Scale

The potential of solar energy to address our energy needs on a sustainable basis is acknowledged by industry, government as well as academia. Solar energy also has broad global support irrespective of political or national goals. India has a good solar irradiation and is well placed to benefit from this resource.

Per capita electrcity consumption of India and other countriesThe market today is churning to come up with commercial and financial models that will best propagate adoption of currently available solar energy technology. Consumers, Developers, Administrators and Regulators – are all part of the ongoing debate on what techno-commercial mix is best suited to the specific needs of each state.

Small scale solar energy holds promise to provide answers to multiple challenges faced by India in its quest to provide enough electricity to its entire population. Like cell phones, it has the potential to leapfrog large swathes of the country to a higher level of productivity and quality of life. It can address the latent demand for electricity that is never captured in official estimates.

Today India has over 1,200 MW of installed solar energy capacity. Central and State level programs for utility scale solar power projects are expected to lead to installed capacity base of 20 to 30 GW by the end of this decade. These programs are helping by seeding the nascent market for solar energy equipment and driving down costs by building up demand. However, their contribution to achieving twin goals of electricity for all and energy security for the country will be limited.

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