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2012: Closer to a sustainable energy mix

2012 proved to be exciting for those interested in the energy space. Even as we saw the world economy slowing down, oil prices continued to stay above $100 a barrel. New gas finds and a renewed push towards non-fossil fuels led to further diversification of energy mix. Major countries moved closer, some even faster than expected, to their energy targets. Progress was sometimes voluntary (e.g. RE targets in China and Germany), sometimes forced (e.g. avoidance of nuclear energy in Japan) and even accidental for a few (e.g. Shale Gas finds in USA).

While it would be unrealistic to expect “Alternative Energy” to stop being just an alternative and become the mainstay of our energy needs, it can still substitute fossil fuels to a great extent. “Energy Independence”, is a goal pushed by political calculations and not the reality of an increasingly connected world where countries need to support each other in addressing their growing energy needs. The case of Japan, which was self sufficient up till the Fukushima disaster, is a case in point.

Overall it has been a good year for the global movement towards finding a sustainable mix of energy. We try to capture here some highlights of all the action that took us forward towards this goal in 2012.

REC market in the Dec 2012;

Picture of REC market in Dec 2012

Picture of REC market in Dec 2012

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