Renewable energy newsletter -November 2012

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GHG emissions of various sectors in IndiaCarbon Emissions – What’s Cooking?
Rising carbon emissions and climate change have been popular topics of debate over the last decade. Unfortunately, the debate has generated more heat than light. Nobody denies that we need to curb adverse effects of industrial activity on climate. However, the need to restrict rise in global temperatures fails to connect with immediate concerns of business. Who cares about melting ice-caps when profits are going for a toss? If Carbon Reduction is treated as a commodity, its market is a failure on a global scale.

With the collapse of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the onus of rescuing the climate is now on Governments of large countries like the US, China and India. Governments set policies that change the way we do business. However, translating policy to actionable outcome is easier said than done. Like Open Access in Electricity, reduction in carbon emissions is a noble initiative that needs a business case for it to succeed.

Should I worry about carbon emissions?
Carbon and thermal energy are two sides of the same coin. Initiatives taken by the Government of India to reduce carbon emissions are not necessarily cause for concern. They could be a goldmine of opportunity.

Climate Risks and opportunity

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