Renewable energy newsletter -October 2012

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Elements of Sustainability

Sustainable Development is Serious Business: Over the past decade, organizations worldwide have faced uncertain market conditions, declining natural resources, increasing cost of production and aggressive competition. This, coupled with rigorous regulatory and policy changes has added to the need for them to strengthen business foundations through sincere efforts at understanding and implementing business sustainability. As understanding of business impacts, risks and opportunities evolves over time, ways of doing business are undergoing significant change. Companies are trying to enhance business performance by addressing not only financial challenges, but also social, economic and environmental factors.

Sustainable Growth – Focus on Renewable Energy

Environment is a key focus area for companies planning for sustainable growth. Further, energy usage is one of their topmost concerns. Renewable energy is not just a possible answer to climate change but more importantly, is a valuable source of energy and increasingly, an important part of the economy. In the recent American Presidential campaign debate for example, President Obama reiterated support for production tax credit to wind energy as it encourages investment in clean energy and creates jobs. RE is not without its downsides but it has many benefits to offer. Countries like India stand to gain a lot if they can contribute to all stages of the RE value chain – from R&D to manufacturing.

Top 5 sustainability concern for organization
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