Renewable energy newsletter -July 2012

Posted on September 1, 2012 by

Volume of REC traded till July 2012International Markets for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) were introduced in India in 2010 to promote Renewable Energy Sources and to support Renewable Purchase Obligation mechanism. Since trading started in March 2011, the market has taken off well and has matured over the period. Globally, Europe and United States are the biggest markets of Renewable Energy.

Lean trading session for RECs

After strong showing in the first three trading sessions of this financial year, the REC market slowed down in July. The first quarter was expected to present Obligated Entities with the opportunity to fulfill their commitments at a lower price as the market tends to pick up gradually after April. With the initial rush for purchases over, the market is settling down for a lean period. It must be noted however, that REC price of Rs. 2000 in July is still 29% higher than same session last year, even after lowering of forbearance price from Rs. 3900 to Rs. 3300.

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