Renewable energy newsletter -June 2012

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Chart from National energy balance report Bio-energy in India – Working on the Sidelines
India has in the recent years looked largely toward Wind and Solar energy for alternative sources of energy as well as reduction in emissions. Bio-energy has been the traditional source of energy for a large number of Indian households. However, owing to the challenges associated with developing bio-energy as a large scale source of energy, it attracts lesser attention in general.

Biomass – Long Way to Go
Favourable conditions including abundant volume of biomass feedstock availability make US, Brazil, Germany and China lead in installed power generation capacity from biomass. In India, a large chunk of biomass is used in cooking and heating rather than electricity generation. Hence, share of Biomass in electricity generation is low compared to other countries. Comparison with Brazil, which is in the same league as India in economic terms, offers a reference point.  Brazil has natural advantages compared to India. It has tropical climatic conditions similar to India but with an area 2.5 times as large. More than three quarters of its electricity comes from hydro power. Although share of biomass in electricity generation is only 7.3%, during dry season biomass is an important source of energy. Brazil is the largest producer of sugarcane in the world, producing more than two times the volume than India. Almost all biomass energy comes from bagasse.

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