Renewable energy newsletter -May 2012

Posted on June 4, 2012 by

Wind energy, unlike solar energy, has seen more than two decades of growth in India. However, the complexity of generating MW scale, grid compatible energy through wind is yet to be fully appreciated by all stakeholders in the industry. Apart from the inherent technological challenges, there are many variables that go into making wind energy a viable long term proposition. Getting these variables right is important, especially for an energy starved country like India. 30 May, 2012 Size – Larger rotor diameters and hub heights, helping in tapping wind potential in regions like India that have comparatively lower wind resource (wind speeds) Design – Better materials for blades, more efficient drive-trains (rotor-hub-generator), design for fatigue and extreme working conditions (especially high temperature regions like India) Computational Power – Ability to process large amounts of data faster is helping closer control of operating parameters like pitch, torque and acceleration. Along with more data on weather conditions, it is also helping in forecasting and scheduling generation more effectively.

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