REC Trade in January – Prices cross Rs. 3000 mark in New Year

Posted on January 26, 2012 by

Demand outstrips supply – REC prices touch highest this FY

Trade Value crosses Rs. 50 crores mark in January
The tenth REC trading session of this FY and the first in the New Year on Wednesday 25th January saw REC prices continue to rise. REC price reached Rs. 3051 at both exchanges – the highest so far this financial year. Traded volumes rose at both IEX as well as PXIL with majority of the trading conducted on the former.The number of buy bids recorded on IEX saw a big rise of 57% this month. Overall trade value increased by a phenomenal 60% to cross the Rs. 50 crores mark, compared to a little under Rs. 33 crores in December. Registration and accreditation of projects however continued to slow down – January 2012 saw number of registrations as well as accreditations falling by half over last month.

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