Year 2011 – Renewable Energy sector in India

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The highlights of the year 2011  for the renewable energy sector in India are

  1. The country saw 3815 MW grid connected RE capacity getting added. As expected, wind energy sector contributed the highest at 2827 MW, biomass was second at 498 MW, small hydro contributed 310 MW and solar 180 MW . The total grid-connected renewable power capacity has crossed the 22,000 MW milestone, reaching to 22,447 MW.
    1. Wind energy installation is on track to commission around 3500MW till the end of 2011-12, a significant growth on the capacity additions of 1485, 1565 and 2350 MW  in 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 respectively. Wind energy installations in India now stand at 15,880 MW.
    2. Small Hydro, with a capacity addition of 310 MW has reached a total installed base of 3210 MW.
    3. Biomass based Power(including bagasse based cogeneration), with a capacity addition of  498MW, reached a installed power generation capacity of 3056MW.
    4. On installed generation capacity, RE is now about 11% of the total power generation capacity of the country.
  2. Renewable Energy is playing key role in enabling electrification of rural, remote and difficult to access areas. In 2011, 965 villages have been covered with solar lights and 30 villages have been covered with biomass gasifiers. So far, over 9000 remote villages have been illuminated with solar PV and biomass gasifier.  Off-grid applications are predominantly being deployed in the border villages of Arunachal Pradesh and remote villages/hamlets in Bihar.
  3. In a very interesting move, the Central Public Sector Enterprises have now been given the guideline of set up renewable energy projects or voluntarily procuring RECs from the market or as a part of their Energy Management Programme for sustainable development. This was done through a Office Memorandum issued by the Ministry of Public Enterprises under the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises. This move is expected to give a boost to the REC Market and make RECs a viable business proposition for RE generators in the country.

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