Solar PV under the RPSSGP Scheme

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On 16th November, IREDA announced the list of commissioned Solar Power Projects under Rooftop PV & Small Solar Power Generation Programme (RPSSGP). The list is as under.

Name of the Project Proponent State/UT Project Capacity (in MW) Commissioning date
B & G Solar Private Limited Tamil Nadu 1.0 10.06.2011
C & S Electric Limited Haryana 1.0 28.06.2011
Raajratna Energy Holdings Pvt. Ltd Orissa 1.0 30.06.2011
RL Clean Power Pvt. Ltd., Tamil Nadu 1.0 25.07.2011
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Maharashtra 1.0 30.07.2011
S.N. Mohanty Orissa 1.0 23.08.2011
Ramakrishna Industries Andhra Pradesh 1.0 16.09.2011
Lanco Solar Pvt. Ltd. Rajasthan 1.0 16.09.2011
MGM Minerals Ltd., Orissa 1.0 13.10.2011
Chhattisgarh Investments Ltd., Chattisgarh 2.0 14.10.2011
SDS Solar Pvt. Limited Haryana 1.0 21.10.2011

Though the commissioning of many of the plants mentioned above was delayed beyond the last date mentioned in the sanction of approval, it is heartening to see more than 10 MW in the rooftop category where a number of technical issues need to be overcome to be operational.

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