Know your RPO

Posted on October 1, 2011 by

Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) is the minimum amount of energy required to be purchased by the obligated entities (Companies) in order to meet their mandatory requirement.  It is being implemented throughout the country for promoting renewable energy. It is obligatory upon State Electricity Regulatory Commissions to fix a certain percentage for purchase of power from renewable energy sources in the area of a distribution licensee under the Electricity Act 2003, the National Electricity Policy 2005 and the Tariff Policy 2006,

Here, we Agneya, a focused renewables and sustainability advisory company, created an easy to use diagnostic form for Renewable Purchase Obligations. Captive and Open access power consumers are the two major categories of obligated entities. Such entities can fill the form to get the details about their RPO and its operation implications.

You just need to fill this form and we assure the answer of your query in 2 working days.

Please click here (It will redirect you to the ‘free diagnostic form for RPO’ hosted on Agneya website)