India’s Power sector needs transmission sector to grow

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Transmission sector has a vital role by enabling transfer of power from the generation to distribution or consumption centers. Along with growth in installed generation capacity, transmission network in India has increased from 3,708 ckm in 1950 to 245,401 ckm at present. Power transmission sector in India is undergoing system augmentation through adding capacities in line with the generation capacity addition. The 12th 5 year plan envisages to add 120,000 Ckt. Km of transmission lines and 295,000 MVA of transformer capacity. The realistic estimate by MoP for the 12th plans is 90,000 ckm transmission lines and 1,54,000 MVA transformer capacity.

From the 6th plan onwards, the transmission sector has grown at a CAGR of 30 percent. Growth in the generation capacity has lead to an increased demand for high performance transmission lines and equipments. The manufacturing capacities in the equipment industry are being ramped up to cater to the expected future requirement. India expects to add the first lines at 800 KV HVDC level connecting Biswanath-Chiriyali-Agra via a bipole line  to be completed by August 2013. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, India’s Central Transmission Utility is developing a 1,200 KV transmission system at Bina in Madhya Pradesh.

The inter-regional transmission capacity currently stands at 23,800 MW. Central Electricity Authority (CEA) estimates that the interregional capacity is targeted to increase to 32,650 MW by March 2012, to 57,000 MW by 2015 and to 75,000 MW by 2017.  Also, there is untapped generation potential exists in the SAARC countries. It includes mainly hydro for 21,000 MW in Bhutan, 84,000 MW in India, 83,000 MW in Nepal and 20,777 MW in Pakistan and gas potential in Bangladesh of 40 Trillion cubic feet. Linking the power grids in these countries will allow installation of generation capacities mentioned above.

Transmission sector to meet the requirements of growth it faces, needs to address a number of challenges including right of way issues,tardy clearances, grid indiscipline and equipment manufacturing bottlenecks .

Source: Metis Research Team Report.
Name of the Report: Transmission System Augmentation – A Crucial Link forIndia’s Power Sector Growth

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