Renewable Energy capacity addition in FY2011-12

Posted on August 27, 2011 by

Renewable Energy generation capacity of 3530 MW is expected to be added in the current financial year 2011-12. Out of this, 3400 MW would be in the grid-interactive mode and 130 MW would be in off-grid /captive mode. The renewable energy sources expected to be added are mainly wind, solar, biomass and small hydro.

The capital investment required for these installations is of the order of around Rs. 29,000 cr, split as under
Wind power – Rs.14,500 cr.
Small hydro power – Rs. 2,500 cr.
Bio-power – Rs. 3,000 cr.
Solar power – Rs.9,000 cr.

Off-grid and decentralized renewable energy systems like biogas plants, solar water heating systems and SPV lighting systems in remote areas would invite an additional investment of about Rs. 1,000 cr.

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