Biomass power generation to get a much needed boost from the National Bio-energy mission

Posted on August 22, 2011 by

Government of India is preparing a National Bio-energy Mission to support and boost renewable biomass based power generation projects in the country. This mission will be launched in next five year plan and will form the policy and regulatory framework to facilitate large-scale capital investments in biomass-fired power stations.

70% of India’s population lives in rural areas and has limited access to the grid electricity. This mission can create much needed opportunities for generation and distribution of biomass based electricity where grid electricity supply is not possible, feasible or a low quality one. It is estimated that the total surplus biomass availability in India is around 150 million tonnes having capacity to generate 16 GW of power.

Currently, total installed power generation capacity of India is around 1,76,990 MW. As per the latest statistics published by MNRE, biomass based power including bagasse cogeneration contributes about 2,790 MW. The key states with biomass based power are Maharashtra (403 MW), Andhra Pradesh (363 MW), Karnataka (365 MW), Tamil Nadu (488 MW), Punjab (74 MW) Uttar Pradesh (592 MW). MNRE targets to double this capacity during the 12th Plan (2012-17).

The mission is based on the ground conditions faced by biomass power developers. GIS based mapping of biomass resources has been included in the mission because the biggest problem in biomass projects is the availability of feedstock.  National Bio-energy Mission will create GIS based National Biomass Resource Atlas of India to map potential biomass regions in the country.

Other aspects of the mission include energy efficiency in traditional biomass consuming industries, development of bio-energy city projects and provide support to biomass processing units.

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