Coal Industry overview – India

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The relevance and significance of coal in India’s energy scenario is represented through a number of data points shown below

  1. Coal represented around 41% of India’s total primary energy supply in 2007.
  2. 70% of India’s coal production is consumed by the electric power generation in the country.
  3. A tenth of India’s total consumption was met through imports due to need for coking coal and low quality (low calorific value and high ash content) of domestic coal.
  4. Steel, cement, fertilizer, chemical , paper and industrial sectors are significant consumers of coal.
  5. Ministry of Coal estimates the total coal reserves in India at 267 billion tonnes. While the estimate from BP about the proved recoverable reserves is 58.6 billion tonnes.
  6. Coal consumption in India has increased by more than a third from 2005 to 2009 and will continue to grow at 4.1% annually till 2020, though the fraction of total energy consumption from coal will keep dropping. It has fallen from 68% in 2002 to 41% in 2007.

A summary of India’s coal reserves, production and rank are shown below

A list of India’s major coalfields along with their reserves and resources is as under


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