Wind Power in Gujarat grows more than ten times in ten years

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Gujarat has experienced 545% growth in installed wind power generation capacity from 338 MW in 2006 to 2175.5 MW as of today. The data till the end of March 2011 shows a installed capacity of 2048 MW.  Of India’s total installed capacity of around 13,300 MW, Gujarat account for nearly 15%. At a country level, the installed wind generation capacity has more than doubled from 5350 MW in 2006 to more than 13,300 MW in 2011.

Some of the sites in Gujarat have wind velocity in the range of 6 to 7 m/s, an ideal wind condition for power generation. The wind blowing from Kutch, a desert location and Arabian Sea are the reason for the high velocities and therefore the power generation potential. Gujarat has the longest coast-line in the country and a desert in Kutch, making land available easily for the wind power projects.As per C-WET, Gujarat has the potential to generate 10,645 MW from wind out of which the current installed capacity is less than 2200 MW power.

Wind is the most developed renewable energy source in India, representing nearly 70% of total renewable energy power production. The India tally in Wind is led by Tamil Nadu, Maharahstra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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