Energy Statistics 2011 – China, India and the USA

Posted on June 30, 2011 by

Global primary energy consumption including commercial renewable energy rose, by 5.6% in 2010, the highest since 1973. China alone consumed 20.3% of the total global energy followed closely by the US at 19%. India consumed a mere 4.4% of the total with the global average consumption (excluding China and USA) at just 0.87%.

It is interesting to note that while the overall consumption of fossil fuel grew at a considerable rate, the consumption of oil grew the least. Oil consumption increased by 3.1% with the US consuming 21.1% of the global production. Oil, Coal and natural gas remain to be the highest consumed energy sources globally. Coal consumption grew by 29.6%, the highest since 1970 with China alone consuming 48.2%. This is followed by the US at 14.8% and India at 7.8%.

There is also a healthy trend in the renewable sector. Global policies towards climate change and sustainability appear to have yielded results. 2011 saw a notable 1.8% growth of the overall global renewable energy consumption.

The consumption pattern of different energy sources for the year 2011 is given in the table below.

  Graph showing energy consumption pattern (in million tonnes oil equivalent)

                               Source: BP statistical review of world energy 2011

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