UN – Bonn Climate Talks

Posted on June 4, 2011 by

A new round of UN climate talks will kick off in Bonn this coming week. The two week session, to be held from the 6th to the 16th of this month, could finally make progress on issues such as designing a new market mechanism and deploying cash through a green climate fund.

This session will act as a continuation to last year’s climate conference in Cancun that had thrown some much needed lifeline to the UN process but eventually failed to materialize at the Bangkok conference which was held five months later.

“Bonn can provide a new dynamic,” said Andreas Tuerk, a policy researcher at Austria-based think-tank Joanneum Institute.

The Bangkok talks, held last April, ended with little progress with issues such as the kind of market mechanism to be adopted, the $100 billion fund to be raised and spent annually up to 2020 or the method to measure pledges to cut down emissions, leading to no decisive conclusion.

Joanneum Institute’s Tuerk is hopeful that, with ongoing global events and a drastic need for new measures before 2012 expires, the delegates will be pressured to complete the necessary work before the November Durban Summit.

Further, Tuerk hopes that last week’s report by the International Energy agency on an all-time high levels of greenhouse gasses will serve as a reminder of the need for urgent action.

“There is a lot at stake this time”, said Stephan Singer, the director of global energy policy at green group WWF.

Singer also stressed on the importance of the green climate fund and the delegation of an entity to disburse the said fund for adaptation and efforts to cut emissions in poor countries. This is vital to ensure concrete decisions can be taken at Durban.

If the Bonn session can reach a consensus on how global emission reductions will be audited as part of a post 2012 climate pact then such an agreement will be possible in Durban as well. Setting reduction targets will only be meaningful if countries can agree to a standard quantification and reporting methodology.

Issues related to a new market mechanism must also be resolved before the Durban Summit. “Countries have floated ideas on new market mecha­nisms in line with the Cancun agreements, but I do not see yet a lot of common ground”, Tuerk added.

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