First carbon-neutral and net-zero energy building coming up in New York

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The nonprofit group Solar One will soon commision Solar 2, a sustainable energy education center. Solar 2 wil be the first building in New York to provide all its energy needs onsite. Solar 2 targets to change the the way energy and water consumption and production. The list of planned features includes a 96-kilowatt (KW) canopy of solar panels to provide energy in the summer, ground source heat pumps for warming the structure in winter. The structure will have heavily insulated walls to prevent heat gain during summer and heat loss in winters.

List of features
– 90Kw non-integrated PV Roof. This will generate 99,000 kWh/year which is 100% of energy needed. The advantage of non-integration is that it allows for upgradation in the product as new technology becomes available.
– Green Roof to reduce heating and cooling loads on the building. The green roof will also assist in filtering carbon dioxide and other pollutants, minimizing the urban heat effect.
– Bringing in natural daylight by optimizing the building’s position, installing a north light skylight, and glare reduction windows will allow light and solar heat gain saving energy.
– Rainwater Collection system for meeting non-potable water needs.
– Low Flush Toilets/Waterless Urinals to significantly reduce water consumption.
– Recycled and Renewable Materials in the structure and furnishings.

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