India’s $2 bn renewable energy market attracts Swiss companies

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A number of swiss companies operate in the fast-growing clean energy sector and are looking for business opportunities in India. The market potential assessment by these entities is expected to rise to USD 2 billion, according to a Swiss business group official.

While talking to PTI, Cleantech Switzerland’s President Uwe Krueger said “Market potential that is addressable by Swiss companies could reach up to USD 1-2 billion. (The figure is) Market volume in renewable, solar and water segment technologies,”. Cleantech Switzerland is a Swiss government-sponsored entity that provides an export platform for Swiss cleantech players.

The market for clean energy in India is growing – both for domestic and international energy generators and technology companies. As we recently reported, India is now one of the top 10 cleantech investment destinations.

Cleantech Switzerland is also bullish on investment opportunities in the power generation from “decentralised sources” such as wind power turbines and solar farms. There is also potential in the upgrading the existing electricity grids.

Cleantech Switzerland recently entered into an agreement with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for exploring business opportunities in the clean energy sector for both Indian and Swiss entities. It would focus on renewable energies and efficiency, water and waste water utilisation and environmental technologies.

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