Renewable Energy Certificates – Issuance

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Continuing with our earlier posts on RECs – “Renewable Energy Certificates – Accreditation” and “Renewable Energy Certificates – Registration”, we will elaborate the procedure for issuance of RECs to eligible projects.

The process is executed in following steps,


Eligible entity will make an application to the Central Agency for the issuance of Renewable Energy Certificate. Such an application will be done on the Web Based Application and also in physical form. The application document should include

  • Energy Injection Report (including self consumption of the Captive Power Plant) duly certified by the concerned SLDC
  • Registration Certificate

The application will need to be made in the specified format. The application shall be accompanied by applicable fee & charges. The unique Registration Number assigned to the project developer will need to be quoted while making application.


An acknowledge number will be quoted for every registered application request, referring to Unique Number assigned to the concerned Eligible Entity. This acknowledgment number will be used for all the communication related to this application.


The Central Agency shall undertake a preliminary scrutiny within 2 working days to ensure that the Application Form is complete in all respect along with necessary documents fees. Following conditions will be checked:

  • The application is made in the format specified by the Central Agency from time to time.
  • The status of Accreditation of the Eligible Entity with the Central Agency has not expired.
  • The status of Registration of the Eligible Entity with the Central Agency has not expired.
  • The duly ceritfied Energy Injection report by the concerned State Load Dispatch Centre is attached for the same period for which application is made towards issuance of Renewable Energy Certificate by the Eligible Entity.
  • The application is accompanied with fees & charges.


After the preliminary scrutiny, the Central Agency shall intimate the Applicant for submission of any further information, if necessary. The reasons for rejecting the application for issuance of Renewable Energy Certificates shall be recorded and intimated to Applicant in writing within 2 working days.


For issuance of RECs, the Central Agency shall verify and ascertain availability of following information:

  • Verification of the time period for which the Central Agency may have already issued Renewable Energy Certificates to the concerned Eligible Entity.
  • Verification of Renewable Energy Certificates claimed by the Eligible Entity from the duly certified Energy Injection Reports by the concerned State Load Despatch Centre in respect of concerned Eligible Entity.
  • Details of fee & charges made for issuance of certificates.
  • Confirmation of Compliance Auditor report, if any.


RECs will be issued to the Eligible Entity after confirming the claims made by them with the Energy Injection Report from the SLDC. The Energy Injection Report and the Energy Injection Report received from concerned SLDC, shall be considered as final and binding for issuance of RECs. The denomination of each REC issued would be equivalent to 1 MWh of energy injected into the grid. Fractional component of energy as per the Energy Injection Report can be accumulated and would be considered for issuance of RECs.


The Central Agency will issue the RECs to the Eligible Entity within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of application form along with complete information necessary for processing of application for issuance of RECs.


If the Eligible Entity does not fulfill any of the conditions mentioned under Step-5 OR fails to provide necessary information/clarification in the matter within stipulated timeframe, the Central Agency will reject the application and intimate to the Eligible Entity along with reasons for rejecting the application.


Upon issuance of RE Certificates to Eligible Entity, the Central Agency shall also intimate about such issuance to the concerned State Agency.

The schematic for the process is shown below

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