Renewable Energy Certificates – Registration

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Continuing from our previous post on Accreditation process of RECs, we will highlight here the basic procedure for registration of Renewable Energy projects. The process is described in a step by step manner below –


The Renewable Energy generating company shall apply for availing registration to the Central Agency. This application will be done on the Web Based Application. The project developer shall also submit the same information in physical form with the Central agency. The application for registration shall contain the following information as submitted for Accreditation of project

  • Owner details
  • RE Generating Station details
  • Certificate of accreditation by the State Agency
  • Generating facility commissioning schedule
  • any other relevant information

The Application made for registration of renewable energy project with the Central Agency shall be accompanied by a non-refundable registration fees and annual fee fixed by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. If there are a number of renewable energy projects to be registered, separate applications shall be submitted by the Applicant for each project.


The Central Agency shall assign a unique acknowledgement number to the Applicant for each registration application for future correspondence. Registration of each Renewable Energy project will happen separately but the unique number once assigned to a particular Eligible Entity (renewable energy project developer) shall remain same for all projects by the developer to be registered. Under the unique number assigned to a particular developer, a sequential number series shall be followed to distinguish various RE projects to be registered.


After receipt of application in physical form for registration, the Central Agency shall scrutinize the application forms to ensure that the Application Form is complete and has necessary documents and applicable registration fees and charges. Such a scrutiny will be done within 2 working days from date of receipt of application.


After the preliminary scrutiny, the Central Agency shall intimate in writing to the Applicant for submission of further information (if necessary) to make a decision on the application. The reasons for rejecting the application for registration shall be recorded and intimated to Applicant in writing within 2 working days from date of receipt of the completed application at the Agency.


Following information will be verified by the agency

  • A Valid Certification of Accreditation by State Agency
  • Date of Commissioning or Proposed date of Commissioning or Commissioning Schedule for new projects.
  • Undertaking that it has not entered into any Power Purchase Agreement at preferential tariff as may be determined by the Appropriate Commission
  • Details of payment of registration fees/charges


After verification of documents and conditions as discussed in previous step, ‘Certificate for Registration’ will be granted to the concerned Applicant as ‘Eligible Entity’. This step shall confir the entitlement of the RE project developer to receive Renewable Energy Certificates for the proposed RE Generation project. This step will also assign a specific entity-wise and project-wise code number, which shall be used by RE project developer for all future correspondence with the Central Agency. The process of registration shall normally be completed within 15 days from date of receipt of complete information by Central Agency. In case registration is not granted at this stage, the reasons for rejecting the application for registration shall be recorded and intimated to Applicant in writing.


If registration is granted, the Central Agency shall intimate registration of Eligible Entity for particular RE project to the following entities,

  • The host State Agency
  • The host State Load Dispatch Center
  • The Power Exchanges namely the Indian Energy Exchange Limited and Power Exchange India Limited

The activity is shown in schematic form as under

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