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With the launch of REC mechanism in India, a number of project developers have started activity towards generating RECs from their Renewable Energy projects. It is essential to understand the renewable energy technologies that qualify for earning RECs. As of date, 48 projects have been accredited. The list is dominated by wind energy projects accounting for 28 projects.

As per the REC-RPO regulations enacted by the CERC and various SERCs, “Renewable Energy Sources” means renewable sources such as mini hydro, micro hydro, small hydro, wind, solar, biomass including bagasse, bio-fuel cogeneration, urban or municipal waste and such other sources as recognized or approved by MNRE. The list of technologies thus is

  • Mini hydro
  • Micro hydro
  • Small hydro
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass including Bagasse
  • Bio-fuel cogeneration
  • Urban and municipal waste (including MSW treatment, biogas)

Thus, the technologies such as Waste Heat Recovery (WHR), Large hydro (>25 MW) are not included in the eligible list of MNRE and thus are not eligible to earn RECs.

The process of getting accredited under REC mechanism is as under


The application for accreditation is to be made to the host State Agency (state electricity regulatory commission). The application will then be made on the Web Based Application and the same information in physical form will be submitted to the State Agency.

The said application should contain the following

  • owners details
  • operator details (in case the owner and operator are different legal entities)
  • Generating Station details
  • Connectivity details with concerned licensee – transmission or distribution company
  • metering details
  • Statutory Clearance details
  • Undertaking of not having entered into PPA on preferential tariff for the capacity for which participation in REC scheme is sought as per the CERC REC Regulations
  • any other relevant information

If the Applicant has multiple RE generation projects, separate Applications will have to be submitted for each RE generation project. Accreditation for each project will be carried out separately. The Application will include a non-refundable processing fee and accreditation charges (one time and annual, if any) as determined by the Appropriate State Electricity Regulatory Commission.


At this stage, the State Agency will assign a unique acknowledgement number to the applied project with application for accreditation for future correspondence.


After receiving the application in physical form, the State Agency will conduct a preliminary scrutiny to ensure Application Form is complete in all aspects along with necessary documents and applicable processing fees and accreditation charges. The State Agency shall undertake preliminary scrutiny of the Application within 5 working days from date of receipt of such Application.


After the preliminary scrutiny, the State Agency shall intimate in writing for submission of any further information, if necessary, to consider or reject the application. The reasons for rejecting the application for accreditation shall be recorded and intimated to Applicant in writing within 2 working days from date of receipt of the completed application by State Agency.


From the application for accreditation of RE project, the State Agency will verify and ascertain the following

  • Undertaking of ‘Availability of Land’ in possession for setting up generating station
  • Power Evacuation Arrangement permission letter from the Transmission Utility or the Distribution Licensee
  • Confirmation of Metering Arrangement and Metering Location
  • Date of Commissioning of RE project for existing eligible RE Project or Proposed Date of Commissioning for new RE for accreditation
  • Undertaking regarding Off-take/Power Purchase Agreement
  • Proposed Model and Make for critical equipment (say, WTG, STG, PV Module) for the RE Project. Confirmation of compliance of critical equipment with relevant applicable IEC or CEA Standards
  • Undertaking for compliance with the usage of fossil fuel criteria as specified by MNRE
  • Details of application processing fees/accreditation charges


The State Agency, after duly inspecting/verifying conditions elaborated in Step 5, shall grant ‘Certificate for Accreditation’ to the concerned Applicant for the proposed RE Generation project and assign a specific project code number to that effect which shall be used by the such Applicant (Eligible Entities) for all future correspondence with the State Agency. The process of accreditation shall normally be completed within 30 days from date of receipt of complete information by State Agency. In case accreditation is not granted at this stage, the reasons for rejecting the application for accreditation shall be recorded and intimated to Applicant in writing.


If accreditation is granted, the State Agency will intimate accreditation to RE generation project to the following entities,

  • CERC
  • Host State Load Despatch Center
  • The distribution company in whose area the proposed RE generation project would be located.

The activity is shown in schematic form as under

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