Renewable Energy in India – Maharashtra ranks 2nd

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Driven by significant exploitation of the wind energy potential in the state, Maharashtra has retained its rank 2 in Indian states in installed renewable energy capacity. However, the state has not moved up in exploiting green energy resources, partly driven the falling capacity addition as can be seen in the graph below.

The southern state of Tamil Nadu now has more than 12% of its total installed power coming from renewable energy. This can be attributed to the nearly 5000MW of installed wind power base. This is way ahead of the 5% target set by the regulatory commission. These statistics clearly bring out the disparity in the spread of renewable energy potential across the country. Maharashtra has achieved a renewable generation share of around 4.5% to the total installed power. This is close to 5 per cent RPO target. Given the total demand is increasing at a rapid pace, the installed renewable power too needs to grow to keep meeting the RPO targets which will be reaching 15% by 2015.

Gujarat ranks third with a installed RE base of around 1,800 MW. It is followed by Andhra Pradesh (around 800 MW) and Orissa (around 300 MW). Gujrat has recently made significant progress by entering in MOUs for around 1000 MW of solar power installations.

To overcome power shortage of clean energy and lack of power in rural areas, For a country like India where more than half the rural population still does not have access to electricity, the World Bank recommends decentralized projects in villages through a mix of public and private participation. China has been able to significantly exploit clean power and exponentially grow the installed RE based through small distributed renewable energy projects. Through these projects, China has achieved about 80% supply to rural areas.

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