Measuring energy performance in commercial buildings now has a new ASTM standard

Posted on March 2, 2011 by

In the United States, the local and state governments are increasingly adopting regulations mandating the reporting of building energy usage. American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM) has recently released a standard for collecting, compiling, and analyzing energy use in commercial buildings. This standard is a set of guidelines under the title “Standard Practice for Building Energy Performance Assessment for a Building Involved in a Real Estate Transaction”. It can be used for a number of purposes including

  • to develop data to assess building energy performance as part of a commercial real estate transactions
  • to comply with regulatory requirements
  • to develop plans for improving the building’s energy efficiency

Though this standard is not a certification or a benchmarking tool, it designed to be used in parallel with programs such as LEED and Energy Star. The data collected under the standard does include more details than a LEED certification. This data can also be used to assess energy use within time span of a real estate transaction.

The commercial building buyers and tenants have started using energy efficiency and related green building criteria as a key element as determinants to purchase or lease a particular property. This standard can become the sought after standard to reduce energy usage, and, in turn, improve a building’s score in required reports, increase its value and thus making it more to potential buyers or tenants.

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