20% hike in Budget for MNRE

Posted on March 1, 2011 by

Indian government has a number of ambitious clean energy programmes. In line with these programs, the Budget for the MNRE was hiked by more than 20% to Rs 1,212 crore this year in the budget announced yesterday. Allocation for ministry last year was Rs 1,008.50 crore. The government has allocated Rs 664 crore for renewable power projects in both grid-interactive and distributed power generation capacity. Rural application of renewable energy has a special focus this budget with over Rs 17o crore being allocated for it. MNRE has been sanctioned with Rs 77.50 crore for research, design and development in the renewable energy sector. A sum of rs 10 crore have been sanctioned for developing new energy applications for the urban and industrial usage.

We will come back with a more elaborate evaluation of the budget for energy and renewable energy sector. Till then, keep visiting us for updates across Carbon, RE and Sustainability.

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