Renewable Purchase Obligations for the state of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan State Electricity Regulatory Commission has specified a percentage of total consumption of electricity in the area of Distribution Licensee to be purchased from renewable energy sources.

In line with the spirit of Electricity Act, 2003 and policies as above and with a view to maximize the RE generation from the different sources, the State Commission has specified from time to time the purchase obligations from the renewable energy sources for the obligated entities. RE purchase Obligations, for the distribution licensees, were specified by the Commission long back in 2006 vide amendment in RERC(Power purchase & procurement process of distribution licensee) Regulations, 2004, which were subsequently prescribed for captive users and open access consumers in 2007.  Further, the Central Government also announced the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission which provides for 1100 MW of Grid Connected Solar Power and 200 MW off-Grid Solar applications in phase-1 (2010-13). The Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) mechanism has also been evolved to promote investment in RE generation. Considering the above and the fact that the present period of RPO laid down by the Commission is expiring in the year 2011-12, the Commission has considered it appropriate to prescribe the RPO for the remaining period also – which is up to the year 2013-14 – and to make RPO for FY 2011-12 more realistic and achievable.

– Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission

The Renewable purchase obligation (RPO) in respect of various sources expressed as percentage of energy consumption:



Year Obligation expressed as percentage of energy consumption (%)
Wind Biomass Solar


1 2011-12 4.50 1.00 0.50 6.00
2 2012-13 5.10 1.25 0.75 7.10
3 2013-14 5.70 1.50 1.00 8.20

(Based on RERC (draft) notification, Jaipur, February, 2011)

Past obligations

  • RPO for purchase of wind and Bio-mass energy by distribution licensees as percentage of total consumption:



Year Wind Bio-mass
MinimumEnergy Purchase


MaximumEnergy Purchase (%) MinimumEnergy Purchase (%)


Energy Purchase


1 2007-08 4.00 6.00 0.88 1.75
2 2008-09 5.00 7.00 1.25 2.50
3 2009-10 6.00 7.50 1.45 2.95
4 2010-11 6.75 8.00 1.75 3.25
  • RPO for purchase of renewable energy by CPP & OA consumer



Year Obligation expressed as percentage of total energy drawn other than from distribution licensee (%)










4 2010-11


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Source: RERC, REC Registry