Sustainability- A greener way

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Environmental sustainability is strategically managed program resulting in greener benefits and sustainable future of the organization. Being greener by branding activities and other strategically organized program requires following guidelines;

Top management attitude

Inclination of top corporate professional is mostly towards profitability of the organization. Sustainability is a key to the long-term success but it requires consent of top management.  Creating profitable impacts of the sustainability initiative or making cost reduction might be a solution.

Goals setting

Identification, quantification and implementation of environmental parameters are necessary to achieve green goals of an organization. Corporate leaders must establish their sustainable strategies by incorporating employees, supply chain, and stakeholders.

Profit Linkage

Profit is linked with the organization’s sustainability initiative. Sustainability needs to be treated as like as other profitable sources of the organization.  Organization with green goals is also an attractive place for new talent and increases employee loyalty, productivity and job satisfaction.

Sustainability must be in sustainable way

Sustainability is not a fad for certain time. There is necessary requirement to understand long term benefits of sustainability. Expectations for instant benefits are not immediately possible by making greener provisions. Although long term time requirement might create stagnant growth but their prolong benefits can create sustainable future.


Communicating organization’s sustainability initiative with employees, consumers, and investors can make a great difference.  Success and failure are common in any initiative but sharing the impacts can create the solutions or sometimes a good suggestion.  Reporting methods like ‘GRI based sustainability reporting’ creates a concrete platform and bring credibility in whole environment.


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