Upcoming thermal power plants in Maharashtra

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On May 19, 2008, Financial express stated

The power starved Maharshtra, which is facing a daily load shedding up to 4,500 mw, has kicked off a Rs 18,000 crore investment plan to upgrade existing transmission network and install new systems in next three t five years.

Maharashtra, one of the largest states in the country spanning more than 3,00,000 km2 has been suffering from the acute power shortage and resulting load shedding for over 10 years now. Maharashtra is also one of the most industrialized and urbanized states in the country. For the growing industrial infrastructure and urbanization, power has been always a high priority agenda. Government of Maharashtra recently approved thermal power plants, IPP and CPP under its rapid expansion plans.

List of upcoming power plants in Maharashtra
Power Company Capacity Location
MIDC 2 Χ 660 MW Bhadrawati (Chandrapur)
Nagpur Energy and Infrastructure Ltd. 2 Χ 300 MW Deulwada ( Chandrapur)
Adani Power Ltd. 3 Χ 660 MW Tiroda (Gondia)
Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. 1 Χ 300 MW Buttibori (Nagpur)
Lanco Mahanandi Power Ltd. 1 Χ 1320 MW Dahegaon (Wardha)
Patni Energy Power Ltd. 1 Χ 405 MW Alibag (Raigad)
Jinbhuvish Power Generation Pvt. Ltd. 2 Χ 270 MW Dhanmukh (Yeotmal)
JSW Ratnagiri Ltd. 4 Χ 800 MW Jaigad (Ratnagiri)
TATA power company ltd. 1 Χ 1600 MW Dehrand (Raigad)
Sophia Power company Ltd. 1 Χ 1320 MW Nandgaopeth (Amravati)
NTPC 2 Χ 660 MW Solapur
Ind Barath (Kokan) Ltd. 1 Χ 1050 MW Dhakur (Sindhudurg)
Dhariwal Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. 2 Χ 300 MW Todali (Chandrapur)
GMR Energy Ltd. 2 Χ 660 MW Dapoli (Ratnagiri)
NTPC- Maharashtra Airport Development  Company 2 Χ 50 MW Khairi (Nagpur)
Idealfield  Energy 1 Χ 270 MW Bela (Nagpur)
Mantri Power 4 Χ 135 MW Bela (Nagpur)
Reliance Energy 1 Χ 800 MW Kurkumb (Pune)
Nandlal Enterprise 1 Χ 750 MW Kinebodi (Chandrapur)
RPL Urja 1 Χ 10 MW Kalmna  (Yeotmal)
Urban Energy  generation 1 Χ 2100 MW Kondgaon (Raigad)
Urban Energy  generation 1 Χ 2100 MW Vangni Tarfe (Raigad)
NTPC 4 Χ 660 MW Nabina Nagar (Aurangabad)
Wardha Power 2 Χ 135 MW Warora (Chandrapur)
Gupta Coalfields 2 Χ 60 MW Ghuggus (Chandrapur)
Emco Energy 2 Χ 135 MW Warora (Chandrapur)
Aryan Coal Beneficiation Pvt Ltd. 1 Χ 60 MW Pandharpauni  (Chandrapur)
MAHAGENCO 1 Χ 500 MW Chandrapur
Amaravati Thermal Power Pvt Ltd 1 Χ 1600 MW Nandgaopeth Industrial area, (Amravati)
Finolex Industries Ltd 1 Χ 1000 MW Ranpar (Ratnagiri)

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