Why report – Sustainability and CSR

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Market, Clients, Competitors and investors might be a driving force triggering the Sustainability report (SDR) initiative within the organization. A large number of corporations do showcase their CSR/SDR report(s) on their websites to make the stakeholders aware of their initiatives towards the social causes and the environment.  CSR/SDR report(s) are the platform to projecting the company’s socially and environmentally responsible image through a number of social/environmental issues it deals with. They are also the media to communicate the organization’s achievements, challenges and plan for being a responsible business.


  • Investors
  • Market expectations
  • Competitors
  • Regulators
  • Employees
  • Communities

How do the key drivers initiate the process?

Fundamental components such as internal decision-making, influencing external parties, responding to regulatory mandates should initiate the reporting initiative. Demonstration to the investor that the company understands its responsibility is an important task. The CSR /SDR report many a times gets integrated with the annual and financial report. This is a way to position the triple bottom line concept on the same level as that of financial performance. Such a reporting demonstrates that the company understands and is focused on achieving short-term and long-term rewards and goals towards the sustainable growth.


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