LEED certification for Retail sector

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United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has released the (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for ‘Retail Rating System’ and LEED for ‘Volume Program’ on November 2010. Retailers and hoteliers will be benefited from this new approach.  It creates LEED certification more accessible and realistic. While LEED for Volume should rationalize the certification process for the retailers and hoteliers seeking to certify multiple sites at the same time.    

LEED certified buildings are in demand from both governmental authorities and consumers. Only few numbers of retailers and hoteliers had achieved LEED certification. Lack of flexibility in the LEED system and non inclusion of necessity of increased energy uses might be the reasons behind the low number of LEED certification for this group.

LEED for Retail Rating System and LEED for Volume Program lead to certifying multi site locations. Previous one only confined to certification of just one site. It was also expensive and time consuming.

All retailers and hoteliers planning for LEED certification required to build correspondence with LEED for Retail. These include New Construction and Major Renovation, and Commercial Interiors. Lowering the associated cost, increase the efficiency of certification and streamline the certification process are the goals of LEED volume program.

LEED for volume program includes;

  • Application: Application to the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) for initial assessment
  • Registration: Registration process begins, which requires the submission of a prototype project (Prototype-based approach allows the applicant to certify a large number of projects at the same time).
  • Precertification: Registered prototype is reviewed by GBCI

LEED for Retail and LEED for Volume should allow retailers and hoteliers to get LEED certification quickly in time efficient way. It can also fulfil increasing demands of governmental authorities and consumers for LEED certified sites.

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