Green Buildings – Growing but need acceleration

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Green Buildings are making headlines and attracting attention, but these green buildings or Sustainable building are growing, but at a much lesser growth rate as compared to the potential. As per the estimates of U.S. Green Building Council only 2% of all new building construction projects received LEED certification.  Obstacles behind the slow growth of being green in real estate sector require attention of the owners and stakeholders.  Commercial leasing sector is one of the growing sectors in real estate and it can’t keep itself apart from this lower than expected growth rate. Most of the builders and real estate agents clarify that sustainability agenda is not a priority issue to them besides a latent desire for sustainability. Solution lies in the hands of planners and developers.

Building automation system (BAS) is the central nervous system of any building which monitors and keeps record of all details like energy consumption, lighting, air conditioning, heating and security. BAS have enormous potential for enhancing the energy efficiency in the buildings and maintaining them at high levels. BAS have been in use since 20 years and are becoming better and more advanced. BAS monitors the energy consumption, water consumption, etc. of the building and can prevent the excess uses when not necessary. These systems are controlled and monitored by the computer softwares. Complex interface and handling procedures for these softwares is not easily available skill. It is creating demand for skilled manpower, which translates into more costs. With the costs of all raw materials such as steel, cement and labor going up, builders and developers are wary of spending extra money on this part. This can lead the developers to install systems with less than desired efficiency.

Making Building Automation Systems more user friendly and making the energy efficiency practise knowledge more widespread can result in optimum efficiency of upcoming buildings, save energy and enhance cost effectiveness.

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