UK – Domestic Rooftop PV

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Solar PV panels are roof panels which convert sunlight into electricity. The equipment generates electricity at the point of use for the benefit of the building and any electricity that is not used can be exported to the National Grid. The owner of the building can make money on selling this excess electricity back to the Grid through Feed-in Tariffs (FITs). FITs is effectively a fixed price for every kWh generated.

Solar PV panels are becoming attractive option for domestic users in UK due to

  • Free electricity that reduces electricity bills
  • Income-generation in the form of FITs.
  • If the house is leased then the free electricity generated can be sold on the tenants
  • Allowing a developer to install the panels on the roof space and granting him a lease is enabling people to command a rental income.
  • They can increase the value of the property.

Installations must be operational and registered the by April 2012 in order to secure the best rate of return.

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