Climate Action Plan draft released by NY state

Posted on December 7, 2010 by

The New York State recently released the draft of New York State Climate Action Plan. This Action Plan proposes a goal of 80% reduction in greenhouse gases from below 1990 levels by 2050.  This draft is the output of the Climate Action Council, which comprises of representatives from several state agencies. It was assisted by various advisory panels, in the process of inventorying greenhouse gas emission sources in NY State and analyzing the short and long-term actions to reduce them.

The most critical aspect of the Plan is the proposed list of policies and strategies. For the Building and Industry Sector, the enhanced performance-based building codes are recommended along with appliance standards and incentives for efficiency and renewable energy. Similarly in the Transportation and Land Use Sector, continued development of a regional low-carbon fuel standard, more aggressive efficiency and carbon dioxide vehicle standards, and incentives/disincentives for light- and heavy-duty vehicles have been recommended.

The preferred path to achieve emission reduction in the Energy Sector comprises of “more aggressive renewable portfolio standard”,  greenhouse gas emission standards for new power plants; repowering of existing fossil fuel plants; and improvements to the energy transmission, delivery, and storage.