Product and Supply Chain Standards – from WRI and WBCSD

Posted on November 25, 2010 by

GHG Protocol (Corporate Standard) helps businesses to quantify the impacts of their operation in a standardized way. To take the reporting and mitigation task further, World Resource Institute (WRI) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have come up with two new standards Product accounting and reporting standard’ and ‘Corporate value chain (scope 3) accounting and reporting standard’. These standards have been recently published for public comment.

These global standards will help business and government better understand, measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These new standards will help measure the GHG emissions of supply chains and products (including emissions from suppliers, transportation, production and disposal) and give businesses the tools which will helps  to understand emissions across the entire life cycle of their products and through their value chains, and manage them accordingly.

This public comment period is the final step in the development process and will be used to make additional revisions. The new standards are expected to be finalized by early 2011 and published in the mid-2011. Copies of the standards are available on the GHG Protocol Initiative’s website.

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